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(2 Pack) 24"x48" Synthetic Blind Grass Mats (Wintergreen is currently sold out)

(2 Pack) 24"x48" Synthetic Blind Grass Mats (Wintergreen is currently sold out)

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Our BlindGrass® synthetic grass mats are the perfect camouflage for duck blinds, boat blinds, deer blinds, turkey blinds - any hunting location that needs realistic, durable camouflage.

  • Two 24"x48” Grass Mats for duck blinds, boat blinds, hunting blinds
  • Realistic: Looks just like grass with none of the downsides
  • Long lasting: Lasts for years even in the harshest environments
  • Durable: Held together with a rubber coated zinc wire
  • Water repellent: Won’t mildew, rot, freeze or get waterlogged

Using our synthetic blind grass instead of raffia grass or real grass means you don’t waste time gathering brush or reconstructing your hunting camouflage season after season. Our grass mats can be used for any type of hunting: duck hunting, deer hunting, turkey hunting. BlindGrass® comes in multiple color blends, but you can also spray paint it to better match your surrounding terrain. Extra wire is at each endpoint so our grass mats can be connected together easily.

Note: If shipping seems high or you’re not sure how much blind grass you need for your location, please give us a call at 337-257-0318

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