About Us

As waterfowlers, we are always looking for a better way.  I've spent over 50 years hunting the coastal marshes and rice fields of Louisiana doing just that; looking for a better way to hunt ducks and geese.  Better decoys, better calls, better blinds, etc.  We hunt mostly pit blinds around here and no matter how much you tell your dog, friends, customers, not to touch the brush, the first thing they do is start wallowing around in it like they are trying to part the Red Sea. Or a big storm comes through at night and knocks all your grass down.  Or, we get a rare freeze and all the leaves fall off the grass and you're left with nothing but sticks.  Salt grass was hardy, but poked every orifice on your body.  There had to be a better way. Spending time at the camp cooking, drinking, and watching football is much more fun than digging salt grass, pulling up clumps of Johnson grass, and hacking at roseau with a cane knife.   

After trying different products, we started hunting with BlindGrass in 2018 and started selling it in 2019.  Soon, guys from around the country started calling.  "Man, this stuff is a game changer.  It doesn't get wet and waterlogged, or freeze and break." 

"I drive 200 miles both ways, 70 mph down the interstate with my boat blind up, and haven't lost any grass." 

"I'm 76 years old, and this is the best stuff I've ever seen for duck hunting." 

"I can't tell the difference in the stuff I had on my blind all last year and the stuff I just ordered from you."

These are just a few comments and feedback that we receive every day from our new customers.

We have now sold and shipped BlindGrass to every state in the lower 48 and to Canada, and have not had one order sent back because a customer didn't like it.

We are going to keep selling it mostly through our site because we love talking to our customers.  Love hearing how hunters do it from New York to California, Minnesota to Florida, and all in-between.  Do not ever think you are bothering us by calling and asking questions.  We may be busy, but we've got all the time in the world to listen to some duck hunting stories. Keep those calls and stories coming.

Thank you,