Q. How does your product differ from raffia grass or other grass mats?

A.  BlindGrass is fully synthetic.  It won't rot or mildew.  It doesn't retain water, so it won't get waterlogged and heavy, or freeze and break.  It also won't bother those that have allergies.

Q. How do your mats come and how much area will they cover?

A. Our mats come (4) to a pack and we have (2) sizes; 24x48" and 24x33".  The (4) pack of 24x48 will cover about 8 linear feet by 4 feet tall.  The (4) pack of 24x33 will cover 8 linear feet.

Q. Does the grass have any memory?

A. No, it has no memory.  You can bend it up and fold it and it will go back to it's shape.

Q. How much area will BundleGrass cover?  

A. These are individual strands that are 4' tall.  They can either be cut, folded over into bundles, or used lengthwise.  If used lengthwise, 8 lbs will cover about 6 linear feet by 4' tall.  20 lbs. will cover about 15 linear feet by 4' tall.  

Q. Can we mix the colors of BundleGrass?

A. Yes, just put it into the notes part of the order what mix you would like, such as; 50/50 FallBlend/RiceCorn