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8 lbs. Synthetic BundleGrass

8 lbs. Synthetic BundleGrass

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 Our BlindGrass® BundleGrass in smaller 8lbs packages are the perfect camouflage for duck blinds, boat blinds, deer blinds, turkey blinds - any hunting location that needs realistic, durable camouflage.

 Fully synthetic, they are waterproof, won't rot or mildew and will last for years. Great for folding in half for layout blinds, panels for pit blinds or, for filling in holes in boat blinds. One package will make approximately (16) bundles around 10" wide and 24" inches tall when folded in half, or you can use them longwise.

Note: If shipping seems high or you’re not sure how much blind grass you need for your location, please give us a call at 337-257-0318

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