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20 lbs. Synthetic BundleGrass (Rice/Corn color is currently sold out)

20 lbs. Synthetic BundleGrass (Rice/Corn color is currently sold out)

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 Our BlindGrass® synthetic grass now comes in 4' long loose strands called BundleGrass & we offer four colors to help you blend into your hunting environment:  FallBlend, Cedar Green, Wintergreen Blend or Rice/CornStalk/JohnsonGrass.  

You can do a lot with this pile of blind grass to hide you from the wariest of late season ducks and geese.  Each strand of grass is 4' long.  Fold it to make bundles, cut in half, or use it lengthwise.  Use it for layout blinds, boats blinds, panels on pit blinds, put some on stakes to break up the straight lines of a blind or to fill holes between you and your podnahs.  

  • Realistic: Looks just like grass with none of the downsides
  • Long lasting: Lasts for years even in the harshest environments
  • Durable: Held together with a rubber coated zinc wire
  • Water repellent: Won’t mildew, rot, freeze or get waterlogged

Note: If shipping seems high or you’re not sure how much blind grass you need for your location, please give us a call at 337-257-0318

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