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Custom Length Synthetic BlindGrass Boat Blind Camo Kit (per side)

Custom Length Synthetic BlindGrass Boat Blind Camo Kit (per side)

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Our Blind Grass Boat Blind Camo kits are the perfect camouflage for hiding your boat while duck, or goose hunting. 

  • Boat Blind Camo Kit comes with plastic netting, enough 24x48" mats & zip ties
  • Adjustable to fit almost any boat blind
  • Waterproof so no added weight / won't freeze
  • Long lasting and durable: Lasts for years even in the harshest environments

You can use this boat blind kit on your boat or add some poles and use it as a panel blind.  For a boat blind, just attach the included heavy duty netting to your boat, put the  24"x48" mats on the netting, at your desired heigth with the zip ties, and you are ready to go for years.. Much better to use than other types of grass, our boat blind material won't retain water, so it won't become waterlogged and freeze and break. Available in 3 different color blends to match pretty much any hunting situation & can be spray painted to match your environment better. Material has no memory so it can roll it down or fold it up.  

To make a panel blind, just add some poles to the netting and you can roll it up, pack it in, and set up where the ducks and geese want to be.

If you have a question whether this is enough blind grass to fit your boat, please contact us: 337-257-0318.